My name is Tom Combs and I am a retired electronics engineer from the U.S. Department of Defense.  I have been following the financial markets since 1994 gradually learning and expanding my knowledge base into fundamental analysis, technical analysis, macroeconomic analysis, central banking, and fascist economic systems.  I started by forming an investment club at my workplace with some fellow engineers that gradually expanded to over 20 members including my then boss and former military officers.   The investment club provided me with a good framework for learning fundamental analysis.  After a couple of years I gradually started adding more technical analysis tools to complement my fundamental analysis.  I have continued to broaden my skillset as I began to realize there was more to the financial markets than just fundamental and technical analysis of individual companies and stock indices.  I started to look for more exogenous drivers of the markets and that lead me to central banks, governments, and how the whole economic system is constructed.  The last part also led me to investigate further into not only how the financial system is designed, but into who designed the system, and who is the system intended to benefit the most and at what costs.   Investigating how the system is constructed, who designed and drives the system, who benefits the most, and at what costs has led to some discoveries about our economic and political system that will also be provided in analytical articles here on a regular basis in addition to financial market analysis and recommendations.

Some anecdotal stories about my past market experiences include participating in a stock trading contest conducted my broker (a major broker still in business) around the 2002 timeframe of about 4,400 participants over 90 days.  I finished fourth and was in second place going into the last week where I then tried some foolhardy trades in a vain effort to catch the first place finisher and dropped to fourth place as a result.  Then in 2009, I believe around August, I bought about $90K of the 3X leverage ETF FAS along with FAS call options and in a matter of a few weeks ran it up to over $600K.  I was then the guy you use to see in those old commercials on CNBC who is at work watching his stock portfolio skyrocket and then thinking about going in to tell his boss that I’m out of here.   I was thinking if I can just get it over $1M then I am quitting. Of course, because of that, I lost the vast majority of my gains by holding on too long hoping it would reach $1M. Call options lose their value very quickly if they do not continue going up.  I have had other times where I have made a great deal of money in a relatively short period of time, sometimes by being short but in the end I have lost money, often by overstaying too long in a once profitable position. I have gained a lot of experience as they say and my learning and losses have taken place with my own money.  One of the biggest lessons I have learned is that you do not need nor should you be in the market at all times.  It is important to pick your spots and not overstay your welcome.

This financial newsletter will try to provide a weekly analysis of the financial markets, particularly stocks and instruments trading on the U.S. stock exchanges.  It will also provide analysis of the U.S. dollar, Treasury, selected commodity, and selected foreign markets to complement its stock market analysis and to provide a more complete big picture.   It also provides regular articles concerning the overall state of our financial, economic, and geopolitical systems as these have great effects on the markets.  This editor thinks that much of mainstream financial, economic, and political news is engineered to steer and condition the public to “think” in a way that serves the interests of the ruling elites who have designed and run this overall system for their benefit and not for the interests of the general public.


This site is intended to provide analysis and insights into current financial market environments as demonstrated by those instruments traded primarily on the U.S. stock and commodity exchanges.  The author has been following these markets since 1994.  Analysis may include macro economic analysis as well as more specific analysis on market traded sectors, stocks, and other instruments.  The author may or may not personally hold specific recommendations and readers should do their own due diligence on recommendations or potential opportunities listed in this publication.  The author takes no responsibility for the outcomes any individual experiences by personally deciding to trade in suggested exchange listed instruments.  The author is not a registered investment advisor and any information provided on this site should not be construed as investment advice.

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