The Old Order is Self-Destructing: April 23, 2016

Note: I am writing this as more of a stream of consciousness rather than trying to provide a closely formulated essay as is apparent from my very loose and somewhat disjointed grammatical structure. There is a lot of information here and many of the topics touched on could be a long essay or paper in its own right. It is intended to highlight and bring awareness to the large issues allowing anyone so inclined to further investigate selected topics on their own.


Serious cracks in the Old Order, world-wide fascist regimes can be seen everywhere. The power elite and the monied elite, who long ago aligned themselves with each other and built up a system over the past 200 hundred years or so, at least in its latest variation of an old theme, to serve themselves is visibly falling apart. Most currencies have been greatly devalued over the last few years and the U.S. dollar, which is still the kingpin of these paper-based financial systems, is beginning to take its turn in losing value.   It is still early in the devaluing of the U.S. dollar which makes it easy for the U.S. government and its mainstream media shills to keeping spewing nonsense about the economy is recovering and everything is fine. But as the economy keeps failing more and more people, it becomes much harder for the public to believe this system is working for them. Especially, when they see how grossly the income is distributed, how the major Wall Street banks were bailed out in 2008 but they were not in any respect, how more and more people are having to become bartenders and waitresses (ers) and take two or more jobs to make ends meet along with food stamps. People can see the unemployment rate is much higher than 5.9% or so. Then when you add the underemployed to that group, you reach a much higher number that only the most economically isolated or obtuse individual can ignore as reality.  These parasitic regimes have eaten all the living tissue off of the bones and only a skeleton now remains. More and more people see that not only is this economic system failing them but that their governments do not represent or respond to their interests. The focus of these corrupt, criminal governments is to keep their crooked, rigged system (it is basically the same system used everywhere with slightly different variations such as low taxes in some places) going on as long as they can no matter what the consequences to the citizens or their countries. This means the governments will protect their partners in crime, the major banks at all costs along with their collaborative, major multi-national corporations and industries such as the military/security-industrial complexes, pharmaceutical-complex, key agri-businesses, and others. The quality of life deteriorates along with the economic circumstances of the public and governments are not responding in a way that reflects the interests of its citizens, particularly exacerbating these already trying times. Inflation has increased along with the declining economic situation within each region amplifying the increasingly dismal prospects. Inflation is starting to rise in the U.S. and will be getting much worse in the not too distant future.  The public’s rising displeasure with the state of current conditions and the negative outlook for the future direction of each region is exhibited in the rise of political parties and candidates around the globe that want serious changes from the way the status quo have been conducting the affairs of government and business.


When you build and design a system that is rigged to favor the relatively few then it has to come at the expense of someone else or another group that is excluded from the vast majority of benefits that are funneled to the favored group. To get away with such a scheme, you have to use a lot of subterfuge, deceit and deception, propaganda, lies, and psychological conditioning of the public. But even that is not enough to make such an evil, devious, and unjust system work for long. You need to appeal to the public’s economic interest as that is required for one’s basic survival. Notice that I just intermixed a group reference (public) with an individual reference (one’s). This is also part of the scheme as it is much easier to control and manipulate a group of a 100 people conditioned to “think” in the same way than it is to control 100 individuals trained to think logically and question things. So through your psychological conditioning and indoctrination it is important to get people (that have been purposely trained, not educated) to think in terms of government, society, parties, countries, or the public to favor the system that has been provided to you by the elites, instead of as individuals each with the same basic rights and freedoms. To appeal to the public’s economic interests, they had to come up with a way to relatively easily buy off the people with little expense to themselves. What better way to do this than to print money out of thin air or rather to use paper as money. Then you also give yourself the monopoly of being the only ones allowed to create the money out of paper. This way you can give some of the paper money to public to buy their loyalty with little pain to yourself or your cronies. You also create an independent source of money that allows those in charge to do about anything they want without being dependent on the public, who the system is designed to take advantage of and oppress to a large degree. You also get to control what the paper money is used for, so of course, most of it will go to increasing your power and profit, again at the expense of the public. How do you increase your power? Well, you build and control the “education” system, you control mainstream media and the message it relays to the public, you make the public dependent on the system via jobs, welfare benefits, purposely undermining and destroying their lives through covert means, etc. There are also a lot of profit opportunities in all this if you do not have any scruples, reasonable thoughts, and morals to interfere with the benefits of being part of such a system. Also, again the elites know that people are easily swayed by the prospects of money especially if it is cloaked in some type of patriotic, common good kind of propaganda. You also get to control who gets the big money and who gets the money first, which is a distinct advantage in this system that makes a habit out of devaluing money. This system is purposely eliminating the middle class to a large degree as those who rule do not want independent, self-sufficient people who may develop businesses that could become a competitive threat to the status quo. Also, by creating money out of debt allows those who rule us to enslave more people as debt is the currency of slaves forcing us to pretty much do their bidding in order to pay off our debts in perpetuity.

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